ABIA Shortlisted Author Testimonials

We’ve had so many great responses from our shortlisted authors after receiving the news of their nomination, have a read below.

General Fiction Book of the Year:


“I’m over the moon that Laurinda is nominated for the ABIAs and grateful for the enormous support of Australian booksellers. Being nominated for the General Fiction category means I have gone mainstream, a wonderful feeling for an Asian-Australian author!” – Alice Pung, author of Laurinda


“Thank you to the ABIAs for deeming Lost & Found worthy of shortlisting, for the respect you give my work and those of my colleagues, and for building bridges between Australian writers, readers, publishers and booksellers. As an Australian author and indie bookseller, I’m both grateful to and proud of my industry for being so passionate and fearless and creative in their support of Australian writing.” – Brooke Davis, author of Lost & Found


“Today I will go to my writing desk with an extra spring in my step and sparkle in my eye. Congratulations to all my fellow nominees in the 2015 ABIA awards. We are all winners because we’re part of such a vibrant, exciting and important industry.” – Michael Robotham, author of Life or Death


“I’m thrilled and grateful to be shortlisted for an Australian Book Industry Award. It’s an honour to be recognised by the same industry responsible for allowing me to keep turning up at my dream job.” – Liane Moriarty, author of Big Little Lies


“It’s a particular honour to be recognized by the Australian Book Industry. As a former business owner, I understand how essential their role is to a book’s success. Australian booksellers have made me welcome all over the country and I’ve tried never to say no to a signing or event. They’ve held me to that promise and kept me busy this past year.” – Graeme Simsion, author of The Rosie Effect


General Non-fiction Book of the Year:


“It is an honour to be shortlisted for the book industry awards, a privilege to be placed in such distinguished literary company.” – Don Watson, author of The Bush


“To be in the same anything with Helen Garner makes me expire with joy. To be shortlisted for the Australian Book Industry Awards is an immoderate thrill. To have both at once is almost too much.”– Annabel Crabb, author of The Wife Drought


“I put a decade of my life into the book in the belief that birds deserve to be a mainstream topic, not just something for bird nerds. The nomination has touched me deeply by implying I was not wasting my time.” – Tim Low, author of Where Song Began