Nominate Your Business for a 2016 ABIA Business Award.

Nominations for the 2016 ABIA Business Awards close on Thursday 24th March.

An ABIA Business Award recognises excellence in several categories: Publisher of the Year; Small Publisher of the Year; Independent Book Retailer of the Year; National Book Retailer of the Year and the Innovation Award.

The ABIA business awards are judged by a panel of business experts, including respected individuals with expertise in similar or related industries across Australia. Winners enjoy industry-wide recognition and media coverage by House of Rusher, a dedicated PR agency.

Amongst the awards, the ABIA Innovation Award is particularly prestigious as it celebrates projects and developments that challenge existing business practice and add value to an existing need. Rewarding originality and progressive thinking, the Innovation Award celebrates new and creative ways in which individuals, publishers or booksellers have progressed and evolved established industry models.

The awards are open to individuals, publishers and booksellers. You can nominate via the ABIA nominations website.