The Book Awards longlist for the 2022 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) has been announced. The ABIA Academy – a group of more than 250 publishers, booksellers, agents, media and industry representatives – has selected books published in the previous calendar year across 12 categories. The ABIAs showcase the collaborative efforts of publishers, editors, illustrators, […]
In conversation with owner Fiona Stager, Michelle Law and Christopher Currie by Connor Parissis Brisbane’s iconic bookstore, Avid Reader, was awarded 2021 Bookshop of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIA) in April. The award is testament to not only emerging as the centre of Brisbane’s reading culture but by being the centre […]
Mandy Macky, owner of Adelaide’s Rundle Mall Dymocks store, has been named the Lloyd O’Neil Award recipient for 2021 after 30 years as a bookstore owner and seller. The award, which celebrates extended and exemplary service by an individual in the book industry, comes ahead of her retirement. Mandy is said to be a generous […]
Jane Covernton who is a former publisher and was the Pixie O’Harris Award recipient in 2018, nominated this year’s Hall of Fame inductee, publisher Maryann Ballantyne from Wild Dog Books. Jane writes about Maryann’s career below. The Pixie O’Harris Award recognises book industry representatives who have worked consistently in the field of children’s literature, demonstrated commitment […]
Bookstores played an outstanding role in promoting Australian writing and contributing to their local communities said the ABIA judges. According to Robbie Egan, the CEO of the Australian Booksellers Association, ‘Bookshops will continue to survive because they are awesome. As far as I’m concerned bookshops are integral to their community and should continue to be […]