When are nominations open for ABIA 2024?

All nominations are now closed.


What are the categories and conditions for each award?

All entries for the 2024 awards must be from the preceding calendar year, from 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2023. You can view the categories and conditions for each award here:


Can a book be submitted into multiple categories?

Books can only be entered into one category, with the exception of the Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year and the Social Impact Book of the Year Award.


I want to enter the Matt Richell Award for New Writers, what does the ABIA classify as a new writer?

The Matt Richell Award for New Writers is open for entries of an author’s first published book, regardless of genre. For example, if the author has previously published non-fiction, their first novel will not be eligible for the award. 


How do you submit a nomination?

Complete the nomination form via the award platform, and ensure you have followed all steps to submit your entry.

We recommend you start your application well before the closing date, as it can take time to upload and submit each nomination.


Is an account needed with Award Force to submit an ABIA nomination?

Yes, if you already have an Award Force account from any other awards or previous ABIA submissions you can use that to log in, otherwise signing up is free on the platform.


How much does it cost to submit an ABIA nomination?


Award Categories APA Member Non-Member
Bookshop of the Year $0 $0
All Book Awards

Audiobook Award

Marketing Strategy of the Year

Commissioning Editor/
Publisher of the Year

$99 $198
Small Publisher of the Year $99 $198
Publisher of the Year $198 $398



All prices shown are in AUD and inclusive of GST.


I’ve submitted an entry, now what?

Once nominations close, the ABIA judging panels will assess each entry, and the determine a shortlist and winning entry.

If you have entered in any of the Book Award categories, you may receive a request for further information. This request will be received by the person who submitted the nomination in Award Force by 12 February 2024.


Who judges the ABIA?

The judging panels are made up of industry professionals. You can see the list of 2023 judges here.


Will the ABIA be recorded or streamed online?

Yes, there will be a link to the livestream of ABIA 2024 available on 9 May 2024 on the website.