ABIA Academy Voting Instructions

Voting is open from 12pm Friday 17 February 2023 and closes at 12pm Monday 6 March (AEDT).

Login at abia.awardsplatform.com

The Book Award entries below are presented to you in random order. You will need to review the entries and select up to 5 books (in any order) for each of the 13 award categories (60 votes maximum). This process should take no more that 90 minutes of your time.

Filter by category by clicking on the category names below. (Note! some categories may run over multiple pages)

Review all entries in each category. To read more about an entry, including a summary of the book, click on the book cover or entry name.

Cast your votes for the top 5 books in each category by clicking the ‘Vote’ button. (Note! You can revoke votes by clicking into the entry –see step 2 — and selecting ‘Unvote’.)

Continue through each of the categories until you have finished selecting your top books.

Progress is saved as you go so there is no need to save or submit your final selection. You may continue to make selections or changes to your selections up to the closing date.

Before voting goes live, we will recuse all members from their own publishing houses’s titles and any votes for titles by the same publishing house will be discounted.

Any questions please email us at abia@publishers.asn.au